Comfort and joy for Daniela at Christmas in Colombia

Christmas is likely to look different for all of us this year. Some of us will be celebrating the birth of Jesus without our friends and family closest to us. You may have even lost somebody you love this year, and this will be your first Christmas without them. Daniela from Colombia is only 12, and she already knows how it feels to lose somebody close to her. In August 2019, her father, Plinio, was murdered because of his faith. 

Plinio was a pastor in La Caucana. It’s a dangerous part of Colombia. But Plinio knew that it was part of his ministry to his community to speak out against organised crime and help prevent young people being recruited. 

Partners of Christian charity Open Doors were able to take Daniela, her brother Sebastián and her mother Alba to a children’s centre. They could have a break, safe from danger and away from sadness and isolation, finding comfort and joy as they celebrated Christmas with other believers.