Marcela’s Wheelchair in El Salvador: For Every Wheelchair Given, Millions are Needed

The World Health Organization estimates that over 75 million people in the world today need a wheelchair, and more than 85% of them can’t access one*. The brunt of these unmet needs hits people in developing nations, like Marcela in El Salvador.  

Marcela suffered cardio-respiratory arrest at birth, which caused cerebral palsy. Marcela’s father, Arnoldo, her primary caregiver, adores his daughter and thanks God for her life.   Despite his dedication, Arnoldo struggles to meet Marcela’s practical needs, including her need for a properly fitted wheelchair. Using an outgrown wheelchair, Marcela faced an ongoing risk as her spastic movements can cause her to fall.  

Then Arnoldo found out about a Joni and Friends Wheels for the World™ outreach in El Salvador. He brought Marcela, who received a new, custom-fitted wheelchair that will keep her safe.