More Than 94,000 Hear Good News of Jesus at Two-Day Colombia Festival

Thursday through Saturday, the forecast in Cúcuta, Colombia, called for rain. But each day, for a handful of hours during the Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham—and the kids’ event leading up to it—the clouds held back.

As soon as the Festival ended Saturday night, the rain began, along with thunder and lightning.

BGEA Festival organisers said: "God’s hand has been evident in every detail of this Festival over the past six months, from pinning down an event date to securing space to training counselors. Just the fact that the massive undertaking came together in such a short amount of time is evidence enough. Add to that the location—a city that’s ballooned with Venezuelan migrants facing economic crisis—and the logistics of transporting everyone who wanted to come."

Saturday, an estimated 42,500 people came to the final night of the Festival, bringing total attendance to more than 94,000 for the two-day event, plus 22,000 who came to FestiKids on Thursday for a kid-centric evangelistic event.