SAT-7 Gifts Provide Learning Access to Syrian Refugee Children

Five Syrian refugee children have received a new way to access learning from Christian broadcast ministry SAT-7 from the comfort of their home.

“They cannot go to school, so we took school to their home,” explains Mostafa, one of the young visitors. Three Syrian boys from SAT-7 ACADEMY program Puzzle visited a refugee family in Lebanon on Christmas Day and gave them a portable DVD player and recorded episodes of the primary education program My Schools.  

The children were very happy to receive their special gift and opened it straight away to watch My School. The My School DVDs are filled with lessons, including mathematics, languages, and science, to help children at various school levels. 

Millions of children in the Middle East are deprived of their right to education. SAT-7 ACADEMY program My School provides children with an opportunity to learn from their homes by watching SAT-7.