Special Needs Peruvian Girl Placed in a Seat of Dignity

Modesta and her 22-year-old daughter, Elva, spent the past two decades in the tiny back bedroom of a dilapidated building in Lima, Peru. “It’s been 22 years of struggling,” explained Modesta with a heavy heart. She considered giving up many times, but knew she had to keep fighting for her daughter. Modesta didn’t even know it yet, but she desperately needed to hear about the love of Jesus.

Modesta gave birth to Elva while all the doctors in her community were on strike. Her labor was wrought with unimaginable complications and as a result, Elva was born with severe disabilities. 

She thought she was the only person on the planet who cared about her daughter, but when our Wheels for the World team came to their door with a wheelchair and God’s promises from his Word, Modesta learned that others care about Elva – and care about her, too! God made his love for Modesta and Elva real that day in visible and tangible ways!