Togo Doctor Answers Call to Give Sight To His Own People

Dr Abram Wodomé could've left this own country of Togo in West Africa to pursue a successful medical career abroad.  But thanks to support from the Christian charity Mercy Ships Dr Wodomé has chosen to provide vital cataract surgery and medical training in his home nation.

As the country’s leading cataract surgeon, he provides thousands of surgeries every year to visually impaired patients. Many of these surgeries are performed completely free of charge. Any funds raised by patients who choose to pay immediately go toward paying for more people to receive free surgery.

Not content with waiting for people in need to find him and his team, Dr Wodomé goes far out of his way to make free surgeries happen. His team runs door-to-door campaigns in remote regions of the country and even organise transport to the clinic so that patients in remote areas can receive treatment in Lomé.