TV Journalist Application

We invite experienced TV Journalists, and Reporters/Producers from media outlets, ministries and churches, to submit Christian news stories for international distribution via GNA.

If you are interested, please fill out this TV Journalist application form. Accredited journalists/reporters can qualify for GNA press credentials.

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And best of all, as a Experienced TV Journalist you can show others the untold stories of what God is doing in your community or through your church or ministry. If you have a passion to tell great stories visually, we’ll give you helpful production and story-telling tips to get you started.

TV Journalist

Please note that while the stories on the GNA website give an idea of the content and style of stories we distribute, there are many topics of interest to GNA members and affiliates. For a listing of the kinds of stories we look for, please refer to Finding GNA News Stories.

To become a GNA Journalist:

1. Fill out and submit the TV Journalist Application.

2. Produce and submit one or more stories to GNA for feedback as to content, style, and quality of production

3. Apply feedback recommendations and submit a second news story to GNA for approval.

4. When both your application and story submissions are approved, you will be provisionally certified as a GNA reporter.

5. After submitting further stories and at the discretion of the News Director you can be certified as a GNA Contributing Member and Reporter. You will receive GNA press credentials and can be listed as available for producing news stories for GNA and other news clients.