Why News?

“The Holy Spirit uses information (news) to prompt believers to action.”

Hugh Jeter, Missionary, (1911-2004)

Why should Christians invest in producing news? My father understood that we need information! We need news to inspire our prayers and guide our activities. Dad was delighted when I went to work with the great news team at CBN, producing the Christian World News and Mundo Cristiano newscasts. Every week I worked with stories of importance to believers, yet totally neglected by secular news operations.

Now I have the privilege of leading another great initiative, the Global News Alliance, helping it grow into a global news association that reports the amazing stories of the Church in the 21st Century.

GNA succeeds by promoting cooperation. Our news exchange brings together broadcasters, ministries, churches and individual reporters who share news stories that inform, inspire and motivate believers. These are challenging times, and all of us need the hope, encouragement and perspective that GNA reports provide.

As my Dad knew, Christian news stories offer the “information” used by the Holy Spirit to increase our involvement in the world’s spiritual harvest. Ultimately, GNA is a Great Commission project.

(Founder-CEO, Global News Alliance)
Stan Jeter
(Founder-CEO, Global News Alliance)