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News Exchange

The Global News Alliance is an international news exchange that networks journalists, media producers, programmers, churches, schools and ministries to provide coverage of news that matters.

GNA - News Exchange

We deliver under-reported news

In today’s overcrowded news environment, the most under-reported news is the story of God at work. Christians providing aid to refugees and victims of war, or fighting poverty and disease around the globe. Persecuted believers and their bravery under fire.  And stories of the many ways the Gospel is transforming lives, communities and nations world-wide.

To gather these untold stories the Global News Alliance (GNA), an online News Exchange, connects Christian ministries and reporters on the field, with broadcasters, programmers, schools and churches that need those stories at home.

Would you like to join the team?

GNA members enjoy access to the GNA web portal with its news exchange plus additional services created specifically for the Christian news and ministry community.   

If you are part of a Christian ministry, church or organization that is interested in Christian-related news, you are encouraged to apply for membership. Our ranks include: 

  • journalists and freelance producers
  • media producers and executives
  • ministry executives and producers with news reports from the field
  • church missions pastors and media producers
  • media and journalism professors and students
  • and others with involvement in Christian news 

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