Billy Graham Statue Unveiled at U.S. Capitol

]For House Speaker Mike Johnson, last Thursday’s ceremony was more than just unveiling another bronze statue at the U.S. Capitol.

It was far bigger than the 7-foot statue of Billy Graham pointing to the open Word of God. This statue will be installed in the Crypt—one level below the Rotunda where every public tour of the U.S. Capitol begins.

“Millions of people will walk by and read John 14:6 and John 3:16,” Johnson said. “What a story to tell as we bring school kids through and university students and constituents, they’ll stop right here. And at the base of the foundation those two verses will be shared broadly.

“I think it’s the perfect placement.”


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Franklin Graham – President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Our family is honored that our earthly father will be here in this Capitol pointing the future generation to our heavenly father.

Roy Cooper – Governor of North Carolina

Today North Carolina gives the nation a symbol representing one of our dearest treasures, the Reverend Billy Graham.

Thom Tillis – Senator of North Carolina

And it’s North Carolina’s honor to be able to call him our native son.

Patrick McHenry – Representatives from the Tenth District of North Carolina

And it’s altogether fitting that he should take his place among the greatest Americans here in the statue hall.

Mike Johnson – Speaker of the House of Representatives

Literally millions of people will walk by and read John 14:6 right there and then they’ll walk around the other side and see John 3:16 and they’re going to see him pointing there to the open book.

Virginia Fox – Representative from the Fifth District of North Carolina

But seeing this statue here every day will encourage us to strive to be more like Reverend Graham and like Christ.


Not that Reverend Graham was perfect. He would’ve been the first to tell us that. But he believed as many of us do that there is redemption. And he gave his life to delivering that message.


Ted Budd – Senator of North Carolina

So as we honor his memory in the US Capitol today, let us never forget the Bible that he preached, the souls that were saved,  and the lives that were transformed

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