Creating a Safe Haven in Ethiopia

Creating a Safe Haven in Ethiopia

The Samaritan’s Purse project Tesfa for Tigray has created a safe haven for children who have fled ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

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Singing: My city is Humera.  It is my favorite city and a wonderful city. I miss my hometown Humera the blessed city. The sun rises from Western Tigray. Because of her children the city is shining.

Dr Hemen Sisay – Tesfa for Tigray Program Manager, Samaritans Purse

They have seen a lot of things that they shouldn’t have. They’ve been separated with their parents, with their loved ones.

For all of them physically. It’s not safe for them. Not safe at all.

This is Genet Alena.  She is 14 is years old. This is her home. She lost her parents due to the conflict. And she had one sister. But she doesn’t even know if she’s alive or not.

This place was a classroom but after the war, there was no place to live. So they came here and start living here. In this room there live about nine households total people about 30.

Children are vulnerable. The Bible talks a lot about helping the vulnerable, looking after orphans and widows and in times of distress. Jesus wants us to care for them. Tesfay for Tigray is a project aiming at creating a safe haven for children. It’s a place where they can get counseling, mental health support and have a hot meal.

Singing: I worship You and You bless my house. How lucky I am to live with You like this.

Dr Hemen Sisay

The host mothers are employees and the caregivers are volunteers, but they get paid. We chose economically vulnerable women to be in this program. We wanted to support them. They also get the hot meals once per day. They also gave the counseling service to.

Kalkidan Bizayehu – Tesfa For Tigray Counselor, Samaritan’s Purse

Some of them talk to me. We are now feel valuable. We now feel strong and helpful.

Dr Hemen Sisay

We want the church to be a place where they seek refuge whenever they’re in need.

Agazi Fetuwi – Pastor of Full Gospel Church

So I do believe this will help us to reach these young people and also to raise their families. More than that. Also to reach the community here, because people will see who truly Christ is.

Kalkidan Bizayehu

Children with trauma they are hungry, but they don’t want to eat. They don’t want to communicate with anyone. They don’t want to play. But we are now seeing some changes. So they become playful and they become happy. They are starting to just talk.

Dr Hemen Sisay

They want to make all the children in this town to be hopeful for the future.

We want them to know that they’re Ethiopia’s future.


I feel happy here because I made friends.

I feel hopeful here because they care for me.

I feel peaceful here because it is safe.

I feel hopeful here because they love me.

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